Waking up in Amsterdam

not too early! but once I’lll move, it’s gonna be an active day! mabe not so much km cycling, but more “capital” stuff and getting to know plenty of people!

It was an active day… visiting most of the places in the old city during a couple of hours in the afternoon, then met up again with Eelco to go the his friends place for a dinner (light) afterwards we had to meet other friends in a park , having a sort of birthday party, quite funny people. then back again to home, but still a bit of wandering around the streets and coffe shops at night, with loads of peolpe everywher; such an active city this capital! amazing!

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  1. Tristan says:

    Hey “le CisBob”!
    Funny to follow you in your bike trips!
    Do it well!
    And maybe see you later in the south of france with your bike!

  2. Tristan says:

    But one more thing, give us more pictures please, I don’t like to read!

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