about to leave Holland…

Holland is such a country where you can feel kind of ‘stack’ and the time flies even faster than somewhere else… I landed up in Dordrecht, south Holland( zuid ) and got to meet Xavier, a CSer I was meant to meet earlier, plus her host I was been told about since days, and an other Finnish Cser; arriving on festival time it was just great and afterwards we’ve been out and stuff, pretty tired since the precedent time; 130km (80 headwinds), a 06H30 wakeup in Dam, an exhausting time in Dam, and 3 previous days waking up at 05H30, 05H00 an 06H30.. mais C cool, donc apres bonne soirée, days of in south Dordrecht, chill out here and around, and about to go out in the city to see all that..

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  1. Mag says:

    Si c cool alors ça va…
    Super trip et belles rencontres, continue comme ça !
    @+ cous

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