I’m in France!

and since a couple of days moreover!
SORRY for those who come and take a look at this page, and find it NOT up to date: I’m not as efficient and reliable as I expected! although I carry a laptop, few chances on the road to hook up a network, few to refill the battery.. and in Holland I met Xavier, from CouchSurfing, we then spent a full week together and it’s been rather crazy, some cycling (from Dordrecht to Belgium, through Maastricht over to Luxemburg from north to south, back in Belgium and France up to Metz) but not at a very high speed nor daily distance, but a lot of fun, a lot of dumpster diving, , some local pubs and plenty of people met with good fun along the way, one “fete de la musique” the 21st in Thionville; it was awsome!
Sorry too for those who’d like some more pictures, this website is limited at 50Mb, so I will set up a Picasa page with the mictures of this trip in one week or so…
thanks, see you all!
F 🙂

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