Tandem fixation

Here in Grenoble at the Pti VelO dans la tEte, me and Sylvain are preparing the tandem since more than a week; cause it takes time to find the stuff, work properly… and to live and experience exciting time and people around here!
We’ve also been through some difficulties challenging us, for example to find a long axe for the rear bottom bracket, very hard. We did a hitchhiking trip to Chambery to a huge bike shop, and in the end we didn’t find it and we have to swap the 2 bottom brackets to move the crank from the front to the rear. Change some other or poor quality stuff, like old tube, an old screw doing the tension of the third brake, a holder for the rear handle bar, a new and adjustable for the front that we nicked on a bike of the stock, , realign the front wheel cause we did fall once: on a wet tramway, a few minutes after speaking about that… the thoughts creates! so we broke a pedal and scratch my knee and big toe. quite a lot small and big various things to do. A funny night out with Ben, a great biicycle man getting maried soon… and more about the tandem before we leave!

2 Responses to “Tandem fixation”

  1. Line says:

    Bises Couzzzzzzzzz!
    et bonjour aux montagnes….

  2. ferdi says:

    Hey Buddy !! It’s time to leave now, stop hanging around Gre !
    Have a great trip throught Europe !

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