Time flies….

I didn’t give a lot of news about me in the last months: I did not have any spare time to spend time to write on a computer… The main reason is the fact that I’m lucky enough to live an exhilarating life, which is awesome. Indeed, since I’m back in France I experienced only exciting and lovely time: I met up with my family at home&gardens, then with most of my friends in Grenoble; then I went for a tandem tour that brought me and my best friend up on the Mt Ventoux, down south then towards west through the Cévennes; after that we met our girlfriends, swaped for a week on the tandem to get in northern France to the first Permafest (Permaculture festival), AWESOME. Then I came back to Grenoble to move in a big house of 8, and to start my new job for 6 months: I’ve been hired by my lovely association where I volunteered for a few years (I still do as my contract is 28 h/week, I spent about twice this time). This job is incredibly tiring exhausting exciting and I love it!! Basically I do most of the stuff needed to help the association to run. Our member get the access to 2 workshops where they find general and specialised tools, all the spare part for free except the wheels and volunteers that help them to fix their bike, maintain it, improve it change it and so on… Aside we do quite a few even in the city, and some other in partnership with other associations. Everything in this life, this job, this town is so stimulating, my days at the workshops last at least 12h, I meet an incredible amount of people everyday, and it’s socially very very interesting, as well as it is to learn a lot about exotic bicycle fixation! And of course with plenty of good old friends over here, a crazy flatshare, hem actually house-share, the mountains around for the great outdoor adventures and all that, it is just impossible to spend enough time on my computer!

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