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New TRIP !!!

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I been waiting for a while this new and long trip!
In the same time, as I said in my last post, rather old now btw, time flies!
So I’ve had great time back in Grenoble in our wonderfull association the “Pt’tit velo dans la tete” but its now over, and my great bike trip is on!
So Ana and me started from Grenoble the 2 of July, direction Switzerland. we already knew a bit about this country, but this time we got a lot more that what we bargained for 🙂 We wern’t expecting anything special, but a lot of happy and friendly things happened to us; Swiss people were very open and friendly people. From there Ana went to Basel to meet with a good friend of her for a 2 weeks females only bike trip. In the meantime, I’ve been on my own, riding mostly alone, going to visit other bile workshops in Bern, where I stayed for a few days. Then I decided not to go straight to Germany as I was first planning to, but I wanted to stay a bit more in this great country, so I travelled toward Interlaken, and Luzern. In Luzern I stayed one night at an old host/friend: Serge, a pragliding addict, very funny and friendly. This place were also the meet point with Alex, an other old friend (met first in Scotland), so I went with him to his parent’s place in Konstanz, Germany, next to a huge lake. Thereafter I travelled across Bavaria, under rather wet conditions, but people there made it anyway a great time. Cycling there is easy, safe and very enjoyable !
So far, this trip is going in such a way, that I can only tell postive things about it; everything is really pleasant!