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Sad news…

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

We went to a reclaim the field gathering ( and there is also a resistance against an horrible mining project. Rosia Montana gold corporation (Canadian based comp) invested massively here and don’t like people who are against their projects… so our bicycles (plus 2 others) disappeared… (4 bicycles and a trailor have been stolen here, all well locked and hidden at night, left for less than 2 ours in a place where almost no one go except the “security staff of the gold corporation” )

What this company does here is really insane and horrible,they buy everything, land, people’s life and consciousness, police, mayor, and even the priests!!
you’ll find out more.
PLEASE spread the word as much as you can to your networks,because the gold corp also bought most of media so they are only nicely advertised for… and in western europe, almost no one has ever heard about this whole thing that started to be planned more than 10 years ago. Now it mus be quickly know because the Romanian government may change a law to autorize the private company to expropriate peoples from their land. this will also open the possibility to other new really bad mining projects all across the country.

it doens’t mean the end of our trip, but the end of the bicycle journey. we will now have to hitchhike our way…